Unit 3 – Question 1

When access to any social network sites as gmail, facebook, instagram, messenger, etc, we need to give some personal information at least phone number, email, pictures, ID number. And when we use those, we often share our personal information as pictures, location, or bank accounts. So we can leave the traces of information on the internet and hackers can use that to steal our information for bad purposes.

Whenever we navigate through websites, we might be leaving traces on the internet, which is also called as ‘digital footprint’. Some of the traces can be tracked down easily in a database and some can potentially seen by other people. Therefore, we should be aware of the trail that we are leaving behind and what will the possible effects be if the data is shared.

When we browse through websites, retailers and product review site often track our movement from site-to-site by leaving cookies.

By accepting the cookies, this allows targeted advertisements to show you the products that you have been reading about or looking at online recently. Such cookies can be a vulnerability to our privacy especially when criminals have access to our private info. Hence, we should educate young children to have a sense of awareness before allowing cookies to track their browsing histories.

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