Unit 5 -Question 1

Top 5 code of ethics statements for using technology in the classroom:

1. Teachers shall provide equal access to technology for all students.

As teachers, we are obligated to provide equal access to all of our students regardless of their personal characteristics, behavior, intelligence, or success in school. The primary use of technology should not be as a tool to reward the students who finish their classwork the fastest, but as an opportunity for all students to engage in interactive uses of the available technologies.

2. Teachers shall use district technologies to improve the overall quality of the education they provide.

Teachers strive to help students acquire, practice, and use new information in the best possible learning environments and with the best possible set of tools. Technology should not be used just because it is available, but rather it should be woven into the curriculum to accomplish both new and existing goals or when the technology itself helps motivate the students.

3. Teachers shall follow the national, state, and district guidelines for infusing technology into their respective curriculum.

The field of Education, takes its direction for instructional practice, including the use of technology, from national, state, and district guidelines. These guidelines provide an outline of the general content areas and skills to be taught and provide a general timeline for each. By acquiring the appropriate teacher certification and accepting a job in a school district, teachers have an obligation to follow the guidelines that the district provides.

4. Teachers shall respect the intellectual property of their peers.

Teachers should follow fair use guidelines for copyrighted material. Other people’s material should always be correctly cited when used within one’s own work.

5. Teachers shall use only those password-protected school accounts that have been assigned to them.

Each owner of a password-protected account is ultimately responsible for the contents within that account. Furthermore, sharing passwords increases the potential for security breaches. Teachers should take appropriate precautions to prevent security breaches.

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