QTS_Unit 5_Question 1

10 rules of ethics when using technology in my workplace:

  1. Comply with Vietnamese law and respect the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.
  2. Behaviors on social networks are consistent with ethical values, culture and fine traditions of the Vietnamese nation.
  3. Do not post content that violates the law, information that offends honor and dignity, affecting the legitimate rights and interests of other organizations and individuals; using offensive language, violating fine customs and traditions, spreading fake and untrue news, promoting illegal businesses and services, etc., causing irritation in public opinion, affecting social order and safety.
  4. Comply with regulations and guidelines on information safety and security protection.
  5. Take responsibility for acts and behaviors on social networks; coordinate with functional agencies to handle acts and information content that violate the law.
  6. Never create or distribute malware
  7. Share information from reliable official sources
  8. Willing to contribute his skills to good causes
  9. Keep confidential information obtained during work

10. Always keep improving yourself

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