Unit 5-Question 1

Some code of ethics on cyberspace in the workplace:
1. Learn and comply with the terms of use of the social network service provider before registering, participating in a social network.
2. Healthy Rules: Behavior and conduct on social networks are consistent with the moral values, culture and fine traditions of the Vietnamese nation.
3. Information Safety and Security Rules: Comply with regulations and instructions on information safety and confidentiality.
4. Responsibility Rules: To be responsible for acts and behaviors on social networks; coordinate with functional agencies to handle acts and information content that violate the law.
5. Implementing the rules of agencies and organizations on the provision of information on social networks.
6. Prevent cyberbullying by discussing, addressing and reporting it.
7. Respect the user’s right to protect information, not collect personal information and provide the information of the service user to third parties without the permission of the information subject.

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