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QTS_Unit 5_Question 1

Some code of ethics on cyberspace in the workplace:

1. Respect and comply with the law: Respect the user’s right to protect information, not collect personal information and provide the information of the service user to third parties without the permission of the information subject. Comply with the provisions of the law on cyber security.

2. Healthy behavior: Behavior and conduct on social networks in accordance with the nation’s good moral, cultural and traditional values

3. Information safety and security: Comply with regulations and guidelines on information safety and security.

4. Responsibility: Take responsibility for acts and behaviors on social networks; coordinate with functional agencies to handle acts and information content that violate the law.

5. Share information with official and reliable sources.

6. Do not post content that violates the law, information that offends the honor and dignity of other organizations and individuals; do not use offensive language, violate fine customs and traditions; spreading fake news, false news;

7. Mobilize family members, friends, and people around them to participate in education and protect children and minors to use the internet in a safe and healthy way.

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