Unit 5- Question 1

Follow me, to avoid problems when using cyberspace, we should:Do ​​not get acquainted and chat with strangers. If you’ve already made friends, turn off the friend mode and block people you don’t know in real life. Do not share personal information online. Absolutely DO NOT share information, sensitive images, private moods. Exit program, information page, chat room, delete application software, turn off computer or phone. Do not share your location when using apps on the network. Share with your parents, teachers – whom you trust, call the Hotline 111 about the problems you face for advice and help. Absolutely do not HIDE the problem. Consider and think carefully before sharing or commenting on other people’s content or images. Do not have crowd psychology, make malicious comments, or behave indecently when interacting online, because remember, your actions can negatively affect and cause suffering to your friends and family. the others.

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