Task 2

I think these three are all related to online safety, but there are different things among them. Cyber security focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs, and data through robust computer science technology and system. It includes the development of professional skills to design technology and system, the strong testing procedure to prevent attacks, applying innovations like AI or biosecurity, and maintaining secure technology and a system like encryption. While cyber safety focuses on managing and collaborating on online safety and responsibility. It includes applying safe settings for our computers, being careful with our devices and tools, and citing original authors from any resources. Then, cyber awareness focuses on building knowledge, attitude, and behaviours to protect our information and assets. It includes creating strong passwords to protect our computers and data, awareness of our data and profile, cyberattack awareness and knowing our online data is permanent. It is very important to introduce all those things due to all students engage with network or internet to support their activity especially in education.

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