Unit 2_Question 1

In my opinion, some of the key differences between Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness and Cyber Safety are :

  •       Cyber Security is protecting computers, networks, programs and data through robust computer science technology and systems. It refers to the physical operation of the networks and computers over which the internet is delivered.
  •       Cyber Awareness is building our knowledge attitudes and behaviours in protecting our information and assets from the cyber threats that their networks or organizations face everyday.
  •       Cyber Safety is not only about keeping information safe and secure but aslo about being responsible with that information, being respectful to other people online and using good Internet etiquette. 

In these days, The Internet and Studying abroad play an important role in our life. On my book, I strongly agree that they – Cyber Safety and Awareness should be taught in the classroom. Because most of home networks do not provide the same increased firewalls or protections offered by institutions, teachers and students become more susceptible to hacking attempts as they spend time online. So that, It is important to teach students who are in secondary years including from years 7 to 10 about Cyber Security, Cyber awareness and Cyber safety and practice safe online behaviors everywhere.

If I can make a school curriculum to teach my students and co-workers (teachers) about Cyber Safety and Awareness, I will set this as a compulsory subject on the schedule two lessons per week. Additionally, I would like to train students and educators to identify phishing attempts in emails, suspicious websites and another scams is the foundation of any strong Cyber Security plan.

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