Unit 2 – Question 1

From what I have learnt from unit 1 and unit 2, the three concepts are not only protecting users but also the systems from digital attacks. Even though there still are differences among them. While Cyber security concentrates on the use of technology to protect computers, networks, programs and data from attacks, both cyber awareness and safety focus on increasing users’ understanding of how to prevent their data from being lost and how to use the data in a responsible way. To be honest it’s the first time I have ever read about these concepts. I had no idea protecting me in digital world. I used to go on the internet to search for information without knowing what are called “cyber security, cyber awareness or cyber safety”. Now I suppose it’s my responsibility to teach my students about cyber security. Once they understand risks of digital age and aware the importance of protecting their data, they will step by step learn to get safe in digital times.

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