Unit 2 – Question 1

From what I have learnt,  the three concepts have close relations and refer to the safety of using digital and online devices and how to protect ourselves from digital attacks or crime.  However, there are some obvious differences between them. When we talk about cyber safety, we are referring to how people can protect themselves from online threats. Cyber security, on the other hand, protects information from malicious threats and cybercrime. Whereas, Cyber awareness is the frame of mind and action of an individual who takes precautions to secure all their private information. These precautions can be implemented by creating strong passwords as well as two factor authentication on all accounts, ensuring they have purchased and downloaded virus protections, as well as making sure they are staying aware of all data they are posting while keeping up to date with the knowledge on how to store and protect their data safely. To be honest, in my teaching context, I just do very simple activities with online services such as sending emails and upload or download some materials and videos from the Internet without taking notice of whether they are safe or not. Therefore, with this course, I have to think again about my activities so far. I think I have to provide my students with more knowledge about cyber security and cyber awareness so that they can protect themselves from the risks on the Internet and be confident when they use online materials in their learning.

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