Unit 2 – Question 1

Unit 2 has provided me with basic knowledge about network, data and network security. Previously, I still used the internet to serve my personal needs and work, and knew a few safety measures when accessing the network, but it was not enough. The lesson has some terms that are not easy to understand right away. However, I would like to share some personal understanding of the terms cyber security, network awareness and network safety.

– Cyber security: the practice of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from digital attacks.

– Cyber awareness: the knowledge, attitude and behavious that aim to protect our information and asset.

– Cyber safety: safe and responsible use of information communication technologies.

In my opinion, these three concepts have an organic relationship with each other and the ultimate goal is to help protect information. Cybersecurity is mainly applied in the network environment and requires high expertise. Network information security is the activities related to securing servers, internal networks and protecting channels built for data transmission. Cybersecurity and information security are not much different, but they are related and need to be complemented.

I didn’t learn these things before learning how to use electronic devices and access the internet. Today, primary school students use of electronic devices to online learning and search information on the internet. I think it’s very important to teach them about cyber awareness. It helps to form good knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in the network environment. For junior high school students, high school should provide them with knowledge about network security and network safety from basic to advanced.

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