Unit 2 – Question 1

TASK 2.1

The teacher gives the situation:

For primary school students:

Aim : Students learn the knowledge of Internet, Security

The whole family goes out, to protect the furniture inside the house, how do people choose?

Method 1: Do not lock the door.

Method 2: Lock the door.

Students will choose the second option.

Teacher asks: Why?

Student: To protect property.

For middle school students:

There is a person who forgets so all bank accounts, email addresses, passwords are saved in the phone notes. The person’s phone should

– set a security password by fingerprint/face recognition

– password settings

– no password setting

From there, the teacher leads the students to the concept: cyber security.

– The teacher organizes a extracurricular session on cyber security for students with the content

Part 1: Give some multiple-choice questions about students’ understanding of cyber safety

Part 2: Through a number of multiple-choice questions, let students learn some knowledge about network safety through some concepts and images.

Part 3: Have students write essays or choose topics to present on the above issues


Question 1: What is cyberbullying, harassment, and abuse?

Question 2: Name some acts of bullying, harassment, and abuse on the internet.

Question 3: Consequences of harassment, bullying or abuse on the internet.?

Question 4: How to deal with acts of harassment, bullying and abuse on the internet.

Question 5: As a student, what do you do to contribute to repelling and preventing online bullying and harassment?

Finally, teachers guide students in having the right cyber awareness.

Through some fictional situations of students participating in the social network facebook. If students are not cyber awareness, reading and sharing incorrect articles will lead to unfortunate consequences.



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