Unit 2 – Task

I would like to detail one of my ideas for a classroom activity to help students better visualize data transmission. Students can be asked to pretend that they are the different routers/nodes in a computer network, and I will first begin by passing a face-up piece of paper with the phrase “hidden message” on it and tell the students to pass it to the recipient (without saying who it is). Once they ask for clarification, I will again take the paper back, write down a label that says “IP: (name)” and pass it back. I will repeat this process once more but fold the paper to represent encryption, etc, to allow for an interactive visualization of how data is shared and how to make this an interactive experience.

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    I would like to discuss network security and Cybersecurity
    Cybersecurity is about securing electronic data from attacks from related devices such as computers, servers, networks or phones. While, information security talks about the security of information and basically focuses on the security, integrity and availability of data. Both information security and network security aim to protect information. Information security refers to a broader field. In addition to protecting data from threats, it handles analog and digital information. While cybersecurity focuses on digital information and addresses the issues of cybercrime, cyberattacks, cyber fraud, law enforcement,