Unit 2

Computer technology has had a strong impact on the education sector. Thanks to computers, teaching in education has become much easier and more enjoyable than before. With the development of technology, it has made the processing speed and storage capacity of the computer stronger, so the data processing is fast and error-free. Especially, computers connected to the internet help to communicate quickly and teachers and students can access a huge and diverse source of information on the internet.

During the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the internet has affirmed its irreplaceable role in helping social and educational activities continue.

In my educational practice at the unit and personally, I have implemented a number of ways for students to access the computer network in school as follows:* The fiber optic system is connected to the administrative area so that the office area always has direct internet access.* High-speed internet connections are provided to dedicated classrooms in the school, which teachers and students can register to use on a scheduled basis.* The school’s wifi system is allocated to meet the needs of some areas in the school.* Teachers and students use the internet from mobile phones via 4G, 5G networks.* Using mobile phones as wifi hotspots for some subjects who do not have 4G, 5G yet(Proportion of teachers and students with smartphones is close to 100%).

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