Unit 2 – question 1

Frankly speaking, these concepts are new to me because I haven’t paid appropriate attention to them so far. I have just used the internet, the apps… to search for information without knowing what is called “cyber security, cyber awareness, or cyber safety”. The three concepts are interrelated and protect users and the systems from digital attacks. However, there exist some differences among them. While cyber security focuses on using technology to defend computers, networks, programs, and data against attacks, both cyber awareness and safety aim to enhance users’ understanding of how to prevent their data from being lost and how to use the data in a responsible way.

So, I think I must be responsible for teaching my students about them, starting with cyber awareness which helps them build up some basic understanding of responsible use of the information source. Once cyber awareness has already been well-established, the students will find their way to the other two with the teachers’ guidelines or from other sources.

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