QTS-Unit 2-Question 1

I think, The key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety is cyber awareness and cyber safety focuses on people while cyber security deals with information.

  • Cyber Security to help protect computers, networks, programs and data from digital attacks.
  • Cyber awareness to provide the knowledge attitude and behaviours that aim to protect our information assets.
  • Cyber safety is about safe and responsible use of information Communication Technologies.

I think students should be taught to have an understanding of private and public data and when and with whom they can share certain types of data. This can be related to sharing information offline (e.g. with family at home, with friends at an event, or with a shop assistant) and sharing of information online (with known people and strangers) in environments at school (e.g. Microsoft Teams or G Suite). Students should be able to distinguish between data about themselves and others that are private, and data that is okay to share with others. This not only includes information we share online (e.g. photos, personal details, messages) but also information we provide to apps and websites (e.g. when it asks for our name or phone number)

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