Unit 4 – Question 1

A type of scam often appears in the form of comments with links under posts in groups. Students clicked out of curiosity, leading to their social network account and personal information being appropriated. The scammers, after capturing their social network account, will use that account to send messages to their friends and relatives to ask to buy a phone card or transfer money to their bank account. Many people, believing it to be their real friends and relatives, bought cards to send or transfer money to these accounts and lost a lot of money.

My own “fake scam”: “My father is in the emergency room. Lend me some money urgently.”

It has a sense of urgency. Scams often try to create a sense of urgency. Don’t rush — the target account is not someone you know – take the time to think about what the message is telling you to do and consider whether it’s real.

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