Unit 5 – Question 1

Academic Honesty and Research Ethics: Plagiarism is a big ethical concern, especially with search engines that make it easy to find any query. The widespread availability of knowledge also makes it easier for students to fabricate research and fake a source. Reinforcing how to cite authors, and why it’s important to respect the intellectual property of others, will help to minimize these occurrences. Requiring well-cited sources will also help prevent any fabricated research.

Confidentiality: Between utilizing online forums, social media, and other online applications, schools are collecting a lot of information about students. We need reviewing the contract for data use and retention policies, as well as being transparent with students and parents about information policies, including what is being collected and how it will be used.

Social networks and cyberbullying: Some educators are using social networks to share multimedia with students, or as a way for students to connect and collectively brainstorm or may learn things about their students. While the intentions of connecting students through social networks were positive but it inevitably led to ethical issues. One student began snapping pictures of a particular student and posting them to social networks, making fun of him at every turn. This repeated-over-time pattern of hurtful behavior was cyberbullying. This is a teaching moment to help students understand that social networks is not a diary and it is not anonymous. Our actions and posts on public social networks could one day prevent us from getting a job, or they could cause us to become unemployed.

Electronic Communications: Electronic communication between teachers and students can be helpful, but the line can become blurred between business and personal. Keep electronic communications professional, and warn students of the dangers of thinking that their emails and text messages are personal. Especially when using school or business email systems, these types of communications can easily be made public.

Take care of technology equipment: With malware and viruses running rampant, students must learn to watch what they download, click and share.

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