Question 1

In Unit 3, we have been shared a few examples of how information can be extracted from data (such as our images or voices…). Although the information provided can bring back positive experiences, users should be aware of potential risks and how to manage and protect their personal data.
In reality, there are thousands of ways that humans can leave traces of information with the use of technologies. Let’s take the example of money transfer. You have to supply the personal information such as your name, date of birth, mail address, password… to carry out the activity when you are at the bank. Another case takes place when you use your credit cards to withdraw or transfer money from ATMs. You have to enter you PIN, the account number of the person you want to send the money to…
A few years ago, an incident occurred in our department when someone, by certain means, intruded into our UNIMARK, a software used to record students’ grades and changed some of the results. Although this was later detected and solved, it left a potential risk that the Directorates had to be much worried about.

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