Unit 3 – Question 1

In this lesson, I have been sharing some examples of information and data. For example, the information extracted from available data such as images, voices, information, interests, … gives us interesting experiences. However, users should understand the potential risks and risks if the way we manage and secure personal data is not properly.

Currently, whenever we use services such as banking, make purchases, or access other applications: Zalopay, Momo, Internetbanking, etc., we leave traces of information on those applications.

For example, when we access email addresses on other public devices but forget to log out, if we do not have two-layer protection or proper management, we easily lose the security of information we need. yes.

Another example is when we go shopping and accidentally get bad guys sell information to others, then try to contact and trick us.

Sharing with you, I have had my information stolen and the bad guys have taken advantage of it to make phone calls to threaten me that someone else will use my information to register for illegal activities, threaten me by having to pay for my services. they.

In short, we must know how to manage and secure our information, to avoid other people taking advantage of it.

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