Unit 3 – Question 1

This unit is so interesting and informative to me. I have been provided with a lot of knowledge, for example: information systems, apps and data, social media and data, cryptography, decryption, application security, security of blockchain, etc. I also been shared a variety of examples of how information can be extracted from data. Sometimes we provide and post a lot of pictures or private information to the social networks or some email adresses without being aware of potential risks we may have to face, such as scammer, hackers, and so on. There are different ways human can leave traces of information with the use of technologies, such as our name, date of birth, email address, job, our friends and relatives, our hobbies and cares, bank account and the password… The valuable lesson that I can learn from this unit is that we should be careful with all the information we provide to the internet and be aware of all the risks we may have.

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