QTS_Unit 3 _Question 3

Website(s): https://teachcyber.org/ is a resource to support teaching students in secondary years about security in apps. It’s a subsidiary of DARK Enterprises Inc., is a non-profit dedicated to developing, supporting, and stewarding excellent cybersecurity education at the secondary level. Their mission is to provide resources, training, and support to secondary school educators teaching cybersecurity. Through this resource, students understand ways to act more safely and more ethically in cyberspace.

The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is growing every day. https://teachcyber.org/ help learners to establish educational pathways to certifications and higher education. Regardless of the pathway a student takes, they will benefit from robust cybersecurity curricula in grades 9-12.

The meaningful learning of cybersecurity delivered using hands-on, student-centered pedagogical strategies. Individual and organizational efforts to build fairness, equity, diversity, caring, and respect. Educational experiences that incorporate multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement so all students. Using data and best practices to steward excellent cybersecurity education. Fostering a community of practice for educators. Partnering in the effort to bring meaningful cybersecurity education to K-12.

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