Question 3

Many experts and Internet builders were asked to share their predictions on the future of cyber attacks cited in a research done by Lee Rainie, Janna Anderson and Jennifer Connolly on Pew Research Center (Oct 29, 2014). Some 61% of these respondents said ‘Yes’ that a major attack causing widespread harm would occur by 2025 and 31% said ‘No’. I am in favor of the first choice. The Internet has become so integral to economic and national life that government, business and individual users are targets for ever-more-frequent and threatening attacks. Major cyber attacks have already happened and are a looming challenge for all users as predicted by Joe Kochan, chief operating officer for US Ignite, a company developing gigabit-ready digital experiences and applications. Joe wrote, ‘Cyber attacks will become a pillar of warfare and terrorism between now and 2025.’ Attackers will try to access information and data systems for national defense activities, energy resources, banking/ financing, transportation and essential daily life pursuits for billions of people. Personally, in addition to current methods used by cyber criminals, one of the ‘weapons’ will be the use of strong artificial intelligence or AI as usually mentioned broadly on the internet.

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