Unit 3

Through the example of information that can be extracted from personal image data from the program’s lecture, I found that the user’s personal information can also easily be provided to the service operator. or third parties through sharing information on technology platforms. Here are some examples:

* You register information on a social network account, then all personal information such as phone number, age, email address, residential address … has been transferred to the service provider. Through cookies, user behavior is also tracked from objects on the network.

* When you post a status, your geographical location, active status, social views… are partially or completely exposed. Based on this information, the ability to manage assets and protect your loved ones will also easily decline when the bad guys intend to attack. The accompanying information in the article such as images, emotions also helps interested subjects understand your psychological state and future behavior.

* When you browse the web or social networks, the news, the keywords you are interested in, your words, your focus with the images – the content or the time you spend reading – the clear observations are captured. received to simply provide reliable information for advertising services.

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