Unit 3 -Question 1

How information can be extracted from data? (such as in our images). What are other ways humans can leave traces of information with the use of technologies?

Social media is one of the popular computer-based technologies that facilitates communication between people and sharing information.Two issues that relate to social media use and data include: Filter Bubbles and Deep fake.

In todays’ society it’s common knowledge that data is used to target advertisements and personalise online experiences on sites such as Netflix and Youtube. Internet activist Eli Pariser (2011) spoke of  ‘Filter Bubble’: What the Internet is hiding from you, highlighting the potential that algorithms, designed to personalise our experience, limit our exposure to information that contradicts our own opinion or viewpoint.

A deep fake is a digital photo, video or sound file of a real person that has been edited to creat an extremely realistic but false depiction of them saying or doing something that they did not actually say or do.

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