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Today, smartphones are common and indispensable items for many people. This is the basic means to connect many essential daily activities such as checking email, chatting online (chat), reading information, shopping, even ordering food and drinks… Internet users The Internet is not well understood to protect privacy, protect personal information, it will face countless risks of getting personal information. Personal information, especially mobile phone numbers, account names on social networks Facebook, Instagram, etc., have been intentionally or randomly stolen, causing users trouble because of spam messages, promotional messages. Report… Many online scammers have used real photos of social network users to create fake accounts, tricking their friends and relatives. Even the information on the photo such as the child’s name, school name, boarding area, school bus card, etc. can also become useful information for cybercriminals when users post it. Publicly upload on social networks. Cybercriminals can use information voluntarily provided by owners to threaten to blackmail, kidnap, or trick users into transferring money to criminals’ accounts

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