Unit 4 – Question 1

A scam scenario could be the following:

A : “Hi! Do you have this shoe in stock?”

B : “Yes I do! It would be £30.”

A : “Alright! I would like to purchase one.”

B : “Sure, here is my bank transfer number: 123456”

A : “Thank you. You should’ve received an email confirming the transaction.”

*B receives the (fake) email by Wells Fargo*

B : “Yes I have! Sending the shoes over now!”

A : “Thank you!”


*B realises what has happened by revisiting the email.”


—– The end —–


Emails are very prone to scam scenarios and this might be one of them^^^ The teacher could come up with a Wells Fargo (or any bank for that matter) email to prove this point.

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