Question 2

Use of technology by students is globally accepted as it brings back lots of benefits. However, students must be aware and possess the knowledge about cyber ethnics so that they can properly operate the internet and get rid of its dangers. I have found a web, called ‘the’ and one of its pages ‘Cyber-ethnics’ in which it points out that why cyber ethnics education must be provided by the school and colleges. According to the writer, there exists a reality that an increasing number of students who use the internet believe that it does not matter if they behave badly online as no one knows who they are or how to search them. The page depicts some issues which are increasing daily due to children using the internet improperly and we have to take care of it. The first issue is ‘Copying and Downloading’ saying that children using the internet without knowing about copyright policies as well as the risks involved in internet downloading. The second issue is about ‘ Crime and Punishment’, the real problem that they will get into if they neglect the use of cyber ethnics. Another issue is “Internet Hacking’, the act of stealing other’s classified information, password… . Last but not least, ‘ Cyber Bullying’ the crime carried out by technological devices and equipment such as cell-phones, computers, tables, social media sites, text messages…
The page provides me with some brief but precious knowledge about cyber ethnics and this is what I want to ask my students to read and follow.

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