Unit 2 – Task Brief

Cyber security often focuses on digital information and infrastructure. Infrastructure can include Internet connections and local networks that store and share information. In short, network security focuses on preventing hackers from accessing important data in networks, in computers or in programs.

Cyber safety uses computer networks, hardware, and software to store and share digital information.

Both areas have specialized roles and responsibilities. Working in IT or cybersecurity, you will be responsible for protecting people and information from electronic attacks. Attacks can lead to identity theft, data theft or loss, unauthorized access to email or databases, or malware infections.

I’m teaching these things in the classroom:

  1. Set a long and hard to guess password including numbers and letters, special symbols for email accounts. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts and change the password often.
  2. 2-step email account authentication and email backup. Email backup is very important in securing email accounts and recovering email when password is forgotten.
  3. Do not click on strange links, suspicious attachments, spam or messages sent from accounts without a specific domain.
  4. Restricting the use of public Wifi to log in to personal accounts, logging in to email or personal accounts in public wifi hotspots means that users’ personal information is easy to be hacked. exploit hackers.
  5. Limit the use of public devices such as computers and phones to access personal accounts and always log out or use incognito mode when required to use these devices.
  6. Do not allow others to use personal devices containing a lot of important information.
  7. Do not provide personal account information to others.

The above are measures to ensure the safety of personal information of Internet users. But the most important thing is the sense of use of each individual because if not alert and cautious, the disclosure of personal information is very easy to happen.

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