Unit 2: task option 1

Cyber Security

The concept of cyber security emerged in the 1970s when a researcher working on ARPANET named Bob Thomas created a computer program name is ‘CREEPER’ that was able to move across ARPANET’s network and leave the message ‘I’m the creeper: catch me if you can’. CREEPER was then developed further by Ray Tomlison (known as the “Father of email”) to make it self replicate to create the first-ever computer worm (a type of virus). Since then, the area of cyber security has grown tremendously to understand cyber protection and protect systems.

Cyber security is the shield of computers, networks, programs, data can protect from digital attack(Hacker)through error security in systems like security design, security controls and protection,….

Cyber Safety

Cyber safety is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies . It mean we are to behave as good digital citizens when interacting and collaborating in an online space and using technologies. 

Cyber Awareness

Cyber awareness is just as important as cyber security to understand the potential threats to safety and the knowledge and skills of users to avoid these threats of hackers want to know your private information.


I increase the knowledge about Cyber Security,Cyber Safety and Cyber Awareness for my student (grade 9) by do project about these topics, make games,….

Finally,Cyber Security protect from digital attack,but Cyber Safety is the safe and responsible use of information and when use communication technologies, not protcet like cyber security not help you understand the potential threats like cyber awareness and Cyber Security no ability like Cyber Cecurity and Cyber Safety


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