Unit 3 – Task

In learning, there will be no content that is too secret or private, so teachers can still use it with good governance requirements. When it is not possible to manage to let strangers in, it is due to the way in which teachers use and operate. Any software will also have a part to manage learners, give information … so teachers only need to learn how to use and administer it. If the teacher is not a professional, then someone with knowledge, guidance or help with classroom management is needed.

In order for students’ learning to be uninterrupted during the temporary closure of schools due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the education industry has promoted the implementation of online teaching. Many localities have set a goal of 100% of students learning via the internet.

In the process of organizing teaching via the Internet, there has been a phenomenon of bad guys infiltrating the online classroom/classroom address, posting bad, toxic, objectionable, anti-educational content… with signs of abuse. using, harassing and bullying children, students, and students online, which is unsafe and has caused panic among learners and teachers; affect the quality of teaching via the Internet.

The intrusion of the camera system can also be a favorable condition for many bad actors to take advantage of, exploit personal information to break in, perform criminal acts such as theft… Even in many cases In case, the act of infringing or spreading personal information that affects the honor and dignity can also create a great shock for the victim, causing them to fall into a state of panic, their mental health deteriorates severely. important… appropriating facebook accounts, attaching distorted images, having to receive many threatening phone calls, pressuring to transfer money – one of the typical tricks of the crime of property appropriation in the law Criminal.

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