Unit 4 – Question 3

The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and become even more multifaceted. This means that all public and private organizations, and people alike, need to be aware of what might be looming in the future. In my opinion, there are some possible future cyber attacks such as:

The rise of ransomware without the encryption,

Vulnerability exploits in a supply chain weaponized for targeted, large-scale attacks,

Misconfigured cloud assets will cause data leakage

Social media will drive ransom campaigns against companies

Hackers will attack your computer which is connected to the internet, they will be able to:

  • Hijack your usernames and passwords
  • Steal your money and open credit card and bank accounts in your name
  • Ruin your credit
  • Request new account Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) or additional credit cards
  • Make purchases
  • Add themselves or an alias that they control as an authorized user so it’s easier to use your credit
  • Obtain cash advances
  • Use and abuse your Social Security number
  • Sell your information to other parties who will use it for illicit or illegal purposes

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