Unit 2- Question 1

“Cyber safety” refers to managing and collaborating on online safety and responsibility. There are many procedures designed to protect any type of data and sensitive information whether in printed or electronic form from unauthorized access. These procedures including of citing original authors, collaborating responsibly, sharing thoughtfully, considering “digital footprint”, applying a code of ethics, applying safety settings, and being careful with devices and tools.

“Cyber security” is a branch of “Cyber safety” that deals with the protection of internet-connected systems including computers, networks, hardware, software, programs, and data from cyber-attacks through robust computer science technology and systems such as skilled professional design technology and systems, strong testing procedures to prevent attacks, applying innovations, maintaining secure technology and systems.

“Cyber awareness” prefers to build our knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in protecting our information and assets. It’s belonged to user behavior through activities such as creating strong passwords and two-factor authentication, awareness of data, cyberattack awareness, knowing online data, and up-to-date policies and procedures.

I think all of the knowledge above should be taught to students because it is very important to protect of our data and information. Especially during the global Sars-cov-2 pandemic in the past 3 years. Most of the classroom teaching activities have been moved to online teaching. Therefore, ensuring the safety of network information and cyber security issues should be emphasized to all students so that they know how to access the network safely to ensure that personal information and data are not stolen.


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