Unit 2 : Task

There are some key differences between the concepts of cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety.


Cyber security refers to the practice of protecting computers and computer systems from digital attack. This is concerned with protecting data loss from hostile elements. It could be at a place of work or at home. This may be through hardware or software tools.


Cyber awareness is the knowledge, behaviour and attitudes to protect information assets. This covers how users engage with digital systems and taking appropriate actions to protect data. This is something people have to choose to do.


Cyber safety means the safe and responsible use of ICT. This concerns the protection of personal interests.


Cyber security is putting hardware and software systems in place to protect data. Cyber awareness is the reasoning why we should keep our data safe. And finally, cyber safety is using digital tools in a safe and appropriate way.


It is important for these elements to be taught in the classroom. Digital Technology as a concept concerns using digital tools to help solve problems. If we do not teach students to use them appropriately, they can cause great harm or loss. Harm like in communication (cyber bullying). Loss, through the careless or accidental practice that may allow hostile elements to take advantage and steal personal data.


I have included a link to the potential harm that can be caused by hostile elements on a large scale where Russian hackers are holding a country to ransom.



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