I will use the following website to teach a topic related to cyber ethics: https://theknowledgereview.com/cyber-ethics/

I choose this website because it provide a lot of things for me to teach such as:

  • The definitions of cyber ethics – Cyber ethics is the study of ethics pertaining to computers, covering user behavior and what computers are programmed to do, and how this affects individuals and society.
  • Some main topics of the education of cyber ethics: Responsible Behaviors on the Internet, Copyrighting or Downloading, Crime and Punishment, Internet Hacking, Cyberbullying.
  • Suggested actionable internet safety tips for kids:  Educate your kids about cybersecurity, Set Usage Limits, Use Parental Control software, Install an antivirus, Secure your Home network, Enable Privacy Settings, Keep your software up-to-date, Browse safely, Ask your kids to reach out for help.

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