unit 4

A pretty good example of a “fake scam” Call for financial investment, virtual money. This is a scam that has grown in popularity in recent years. The subjects set up financial investment websites and applications with interfaces similar to international financial investments, and then used various tricks to attract and entice many people to participate.

These virtual currency and financial investment floors commit that players will enjoy high interest rates but are safe, can withdraw capital at any time, no need to invest intellectually or time. After a while, the exchange announced that it was down for maintenance or inaccessible, customers who did not log in to withdraw money in their accounts knew they had been scammed.

To do not get up to the bad object, to save the following things: Do not access links in unfamiliar content; do not perform tasks on the phone following the syntax directed by strangers.

– Do not buy, sell, lend Certificates of Citizenship / Identity, personal accounts, bank accounts, credit cards issued or issued by banks.




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