Unit 5 : Task

  • Communication
  • Formal
    • Use the person’s name you are communicating with
    • Be respectful
    • Identify yourself (full name)
    • Don’t use emoticons
    • CAPITAL LETTERS indicate you are shouting


  • Informal
    • Let friends know who you are
    • Be careful using humour and sarcasm


  • Posting
  • Do not post material unless you have permission to do so ie. photos
  • Don’t post if you don’t want everyone to know about it


  • Conduct
    • Golden rule, “Treat others as you want to be treated”
    • Grandma rule, “If you wouldn’t show it to grandma, don’t!”
    • Only use devices in public spaces (not bedrooms)
    • DO NOT share personal details
    • No sharing mean or inappropriate material
    • Do not bully


  • Response
  • Avoid websites or material that makes you uncomfortable
  • If you experience inappropriate behaviour or view inappropriate material, notify a trusted adult/teacher
  • Report illegal or bullying behaviour


  • Identity
    • Be certain who you are communicating with


  • Review
    • Before posting or sending, review what you have written. Once sent, you cannot take it back.
    • Don’t send when you are angry. You may regret it later.
    • Once an image or text is on the Internet or social media, it is there for good



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