QTS-Unit 5-Question 1

There are 5 code of ethics statements for using technology in my workplace.

  1. Employees should strictly use work e-mail accounts for business communication, not personal communication.
  2. Downloading files from the Internet or from e-mail requires a strict set of rules. If an employee accidentally downloads a virus, it can infect the entire company system. For example, saving it to the desktop instead of opening the file directly from an e-mail can run it through anti-virus software during the download.
  3. Employees do not allow access to illegal or inappropriate websites, such as gambling or pornography. If employees are accessing such websites, the company may become liable in any lawsuits that lead to it, although having employees sign acceptable use policies helps reduce that responsibility.
  4. Use strong passwords to log in to company software systems, email, work-related websites and services. Keep those passwords safe
  5. To avoid absolutely the following behaviors:
    • Sign up for unsafe, illegal websites and services that violate fine traditions
    • Store or send content that is derogatory, offensive, or damaging to the company or any other individual
    • Unauthorized advertising or spamming other individuals
    • Subscribe to a competitor’s services (unless authorized)

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