Unit 5 – Question 1

The rapid development of social networks opens up a new world in the digital environment. Many opportunities and challenges take place here. Along with the kindness spread on social networks, there are a lot of inappropriate behaviors such as uncontrolled words, information that defame others… As a lecturer, I realize that I need to learn using social networks in a civilized and safe way, especially in my office environment. Here are six ethical rules I adopt when using social networks in my university.

– Research and comply with the terms of instructions using digital services before registering, participating.

– Use my real name to register with the digital service provider.

– Self-manage and secure social network accounts such as using strong passwords, logging out when not in use…

– Only share information from official and reliable sources, positive information or promote my university.

– Behave in accordance with the ethical values, culture and traditions of the Vietnamese nation.

– Report to leadership when there are conflicting opinions, defamatory information on social networks related to the fields of operation in my university.

To create a healthy network environment, we need to form good habits and behave civilly when participating in social networks. I am so happy to have taken this course. The course content is really helpful to me.

I am very grateful to Australian Training Organisation, Adelaide University and QTS Academic Department supporting this meaningful course.

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