Unit 5 – Question 1

These are 5 code of ethics statements for using technology in the classroom or my professional workplace

  • Take care of technology equipment.

With malware and viruses running rampant, students must learn to watch what they download, click and share.

  • Explore appropriate and safe sites for learning and research.

Many websites contain inaccurate or false information. Teachers can provide a list of approved websites. Students need to learn how to evaluate websites and assess whether they can trust the content.

  • Copyright law, Fair Use Act and Creative Commons matter.

Understanding copyright and related laws will help ensure students follow the rules in using and sharing content.

  • Help prevent cyberbullying.

Give examples of cyberbullying and encourage students to report any cyberbullying incident to teachers, counselors, administrators or their parents.

  • Self-image is important.

Without seeing faces, people can easily overshare in a digital world. Students should learn how to save their privacy information

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