Unit 1-Task1

I am Nguyen Thi Vy Huong. I am from Da Nang, Vietnam, and I work in the General Administration Department at Da Nang Architecture University. This course will help me broaden my knowledge of cyber security and improve my English.

Every day, I use social media to share information and communicate with my friends and family, learn new things, develop my interests, and entertain myself. In addition, I use computers to do my work, while social media allows me to have conversations with my audience and gain customer feedback.

Organizations transmit sensitive data across networks and to other devices while doing business, and cyber security describes the discipline dedicated to protecting that information.

Many times, I have had trouble with my accounts because of hackers. So, to solve this problem, I must seek new knowledge.

If I know something about cyber security, I will advise my staff on ways to create strong passwords to reduce their risk of getting hacked. Additionally, worms and viruses also entered the picture, threatening to shut down systems.

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