Unit 3

Select a security mechanism
Identify the right security mechanism to implement the policies security policy and achieve security objectives
There are four security mechanisms:
Access control
Inference control
Flow control
Access control: is the control mechanism, manage access to the database system
Mechanism for building access control rule sets: how method to consider an access is allowed or denied
Discretionary Access Control
Mandatory Access Control
Inference control: is management, control access to statistical databases because from the statistical data can inferring sensitive information. Information flow control: to prevent information flow from the protected data object to the less protected data object. Covert Channels: are channels that through which information flows can be implicitly transmitted to the outside illegallyEncryption: are computational algorithms aimed at convert original documents to text format readable, into ciphertext, in unreadable text.
Only the user with the correct key can decrypt it ciphertext to original plaintext.
Data encryption is used to protect sensitive data cold.

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