Unit 3 – Question 1

We use the internet every day. And we don’t know that every activity that all of us engage in the digital environment can leave footprints that we cannot control. A typical example is a personal information that we use to register according to the requirements of applications or online programs. When we fill all required spaces in an application form, this data is stored in clouds of the central server.  Based on the big data collected from the online environment, a person and/or a digital company can exactly know about favors of other people and customers. It, in turn, would give certain advantages for examiners to provide appropriate facilities and/or to use for their own purposes (good or bad).
Some of the ways we leave a record of information with the use of technologies include Visible traces: profile pictures and data, photographs, Youtube comments, emails, blog posts, likes on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, and Twitter posts. Invisible trace: records of online browsing (Google searches) and website visits, purchased items, geographical location, the device you are using, our movements, and phone calls.
So we should be careful about our digital footprint and how we are using devices.

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