Unit 4:Task Brief option 2

What is a strong password?
A password is considered strong if it is difficult to guess, and cannot be detected by trying normal circumstances. A strong password is one that is sufficiently long, random, or otherwise contrived only by the person who chooses it, that it would take longer to guess it than it would take a cracker. password lock ready to spend to guess it. The time to be deemed too long will vary depending on the attacker, the attacker’s resources, the ease of access to tryable passwords, and the value of the password to the attacker. . a student’s password isn’t worth a few seconds for a computer to guess, a password that manages access to a major bank’s electronic money transfer system can be worth weeks or even months to figure out. guess.

How to set a strong password
* Passwords over 12 characters (The longer the better)
* Include lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, special characters.

Examples of strong passwords:
It would be a mistake to use the passwords listed below: they are publicly available, so they are weak. All comments on password strength assume that they are unknown and unwritten. While similar passwords, or based on the same principles, will be strong enough, assuming you don’t read them.

t5wahKetyvT4 — case sensitive and alternating digits
4pPte?ai%2—case sensitive, alternating digits, punctuation, and a “special” character
MoOlOfIn143689—case sensitive, alternating digits


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