Unit 3_Question 1, 2

We have shared a few examples of how information can be extracted from data (such as in your images). What are other ways humans can leave traces of information with the use of technologies?

– Currently, the Internet is used in most areas of social life such as: work, study, entertainment … And we do not know that all activities that we all participate in the digital environment Digital can leave traces that we cannot control. A good example is the personal information we use to sign up for online applications or programs. Once we fill in all the required blanks in an application form, this data is stored in the clouds of a central server. Based on big data collected from the online environment, some person or a digital company may know the exact information, location of the user. In turn, it will give certain advantages to organizations in providing suitable facilities or using them for their own purposes (be it good or bad).


– Some of the ways we leave a record of information with the use of technology include Visibility traces: photos and profile data, photos, Youtube comments, emails, blog posts, media likes social media like Facebook or Instagram and Twitter posts. Invisible traces: online browsing records (Google searches) and website visits, items purchased, geographic location, the device you are using, our movements and calls call.- So we should be careful about our footprints on our digital devices and how we are using them.

What other interesting examples of code from history or modern times can you find (digital or non-digital) to inspire or support lessons on encoding and decoding messages?

– Through the lesson, I can see that people have long known to create codes to hide the information to be conveyed if a third party can get it. That is “The Caesar cipher is one of the oldest but simple codes. was first used by Julius Caesar around 58 BC”, which shows that human thinking ability is very intelligent and wonderful. Currently, with advanced science and technology, people have used “Blockchain is an advanced security method commonly used to track cryptocurrency transactions, such as Bitcoin”. Take security to a much higher level.

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