Unit 4 – Question 2

Unit 4 – Task

  1. Create or find a classroom resource that teaches students about creating strong passwords, passcodes or passphrases.

Ways to create strong enough passwords:


  1. Create a password with at least 12 characters

Choose a password of sufficient length, between 12 and 14 characters is reasonable. Multi-character passwords are always more secure than passwords with fewer characters.

  1. Combination of alphanumeric characters, symbols, uppercase letters, lowercase letters

Using a password consisting of different characters further increases the security and safety of your account. When using these types of passwords, it is difficult for hackers to “hack” your account password.

  1. Create a rhyming password – Nursery Rhymes

The method that many people like to use and is also able to ensure good security policies on the Internet, even those that require passwords up to 15 characters long, is the rhyming password method.

You can rely on a verse, your favorite sentence, count the number of syllables, choose the first letter of each syllable to combine into a secure password. At the end of the password, you can add special characters such as exclamation point, question mark, etc.

For example: “It is very sunny today. Kittens go to school with nothing.”

Is a verse familiar to you. So the password you can generate is:


It’s a strong password, 16 characters long including numbers, uppercase, lowercase letters and at least one special character.

  1. A line from a song or the name of your favorite movie

A similar method is applied to a password taken from a verse in a song or movie title you like. Using a movie you like, but few people know will make the password even more secure. You can also replace it with the names or famous sayings of the characters, combined with the numbers specified for the first letter of a syllable to make the password more difficult to guess.

Example with a sentence of the character Al Pacino in the famous movie Scent of a Woman:

“If I were the same man that I was thirty years ago I’d take a flamethrower to this place!”

Replace the “t” with the number 3. This quote then becomes the password:


The concept is basic cryptography 101, but here’s how to create a password that’s hard for hackers to hack into your account, but still easy for you to remember.

  1. Use Technical Terminology

Another interesting method is to use technical terms in different professions. Each is an expert in his or her own career field. Based on that, you can choose a technical term that you are familiar with to create a strong password.

For example, if you are a nurse, or a doctor, phrases you may have to memorize for sure to work are:

“ARDS: Acute respiratory distress syndrome: acute respiratory distress syndrome”

You can replace the character “a” with a zero to create your own password like this:


This is just a 12-character password, but it’s hard to guess.


  1. Your special day

Another method for creating strong and easy to remember passwords is mainly numbers. Of course, random numbers will make you forget. You should choose numbers based on dates that are particularly important to you.

This method makes many people immediately think of using birthdays. However, this is especially flawed because those are numbers that others can know very easily, especially hackers. So you should choose a date to record an event that is special to you but no one knows but you.

For example, it was the day that you first got a bicycle. The day you kissed for the first time. The day you travel abroad…

So you have 3 important dates. You put those numbers on the same password and separate it with dashes, ending with a special character like a pound sign.

For example:


This password is up to 20+ characters, so it can only be used in systems that can handle very long passwords. However, it will give you one of the most secure passwords. You can take a day off to reduce the number of characters to match the password requirements in your account.

  1. Use keymap

Like the password method in smartphone models. You rely on the keyboard pattern to generate your own passwords.

With this method, you can draw recognizable images or letters on the keyboard. In the above case, the generated password is:


Using this method, you can change to lengthen the password. A hacker could potentially run an algorithm to figure out your password, so it’s a good idea to invent more complex patterns such as one-key travel, diagonal travel to keep your password secure. friend.



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