Unit5: Task option 2

Know the Rules of Cyber Ethics

“Cyber ethics” refers to the code of responsible behavior on the Internet. Just as we are taught to act responsibly in everyday life with lessons such as “Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you” and “Do not harm others,” we must act responsibly in the cyber world as well.
The basic rule is “Do not do something in cyberspace that you would consider wrong or illegal in everyday life.”
Considerations When Determining Responsible Behavior
• Do not use rude or offensive language.
• Do not cyberbully.
• Do not plagiarize.
• Do not break into someone else’s computer.
• Do not use someone else’s password.
• Do not attempt to infect or in any way try to make someone else’s computer unusable.
• Adhere to copyright restrictions when downloading material from the Internet, including software, games, movies, or music.

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