Unit 2 -Question 1

Cyber security means protecting data and information networks. cyber safety means protecting users from harmful online content. Cyber security, on the other hand, protects information from malicious threats and cybercrime.

· Cyber awareness refers to the level of awareness and understanding end users have about cybersecurity best practices and the cyber threats that their networks or organizations face everyday.

· Cyber safety means protecting users from harmful online content.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are more than 50 million Internet users, mainly participating in social networking sites such as Youtube (video sharing), Facebook (social network), Twitter (sub-Blog), … in which, The main participants are young people, students, and students – this is also the force most involved in the insecurity and insecurity on the Internet, causing a significant negative impact in social life.

When participating in the Internet, if there is not enough information and knowledge, they will not be able to protect themselves. Being poisoned with information, being used to participate in the Internet system is capable of causing illegal acts. Faced with that situation, it is necessary to strengthen official information for Internet participants, especially young people, pupils and students to adjust their behavior when participating in activities on the Internet, especially for young people. social networking sites, specifically as follows:

1. To ensure national cyber security, it is necessary to soon introduce it into the teaching curricula in schools and other educational institutions and ensure it is appropriate to the discipline and level of study.

2. The Ministry of Education and Training thoroughly understands and promulgates guiding documents and thematic resolutions to strengthen the leadership and direction of Party Committees at all levels, promoting the synergy of cadres, teachers and employees. Students, faculty and students actively participate in the prevention, detection and fight against various types of crimes, contributing to ensuring social order and safety, serving the task of educational development, creating a school environment. healthy.

3. The Departments of Education and Training and educational and training institutions across the country continue to review, research and propose to perfect legal documents as a solid legal basis for prevention. combating violations on the Internet; research, propose regulations and inspect computer facilities and equipment related to electronic evidence, and collect, preserve, recover and examine electronic evidence in accordance with the characteristics, the nature of the violation on the Internet; strengthen inspection and issue sanctions to handle violations, with a deterrent effect on violations on the Internet; focus on building a contingent of cadres participating in the prevention and combat of Internet violations in a professional, efficient and integrity manner, increasing the initiative in performing tasks; be vigilant against being enticed and at the same time resisting hostile forces planting and hooking up cadres and technicians of computer networks; firmly grasp the situation to advise and settle the work in accordance with the law; strictly comply with work orders; strictly follow the regulations on professional activities and inspection and examination activities.

4. Regularly update information and organize training courses, training and retraining, equipping information security knowledge and skills. Forming a mechanism to receive and handle complaints about incorrect information on the Internet from the community. Research and propose the establishment of a department to inspect and monitor the Internet operating according to its own mechanisms and regulations. Apply software to monitor, manage and store data on violations on the Internet to serve inspection, examination and other professional activities.

5. Request Party committees, leaders of units and schools under the Ministry of Education and Training to strengthen propaganda and dissemination of legal education; with the motto of taking prevention as the main thing, improving quality, flexibly applying various forms of propaganda, disseminating and educating students, students are aware of the important and urgent tasks in preventing and fighting the war. fight to prevent violations on the Internet in the current period.

6. Enhance the position, role and responsibility of the family in protecting, caring for and educating students. Strengthen the activities of the parent-student association, coordinate with schools and government organizations to manage, educate and train students to study well, prevent crime and social evils. The school actively innovates and improves the quality of teaching subjects of National Defense and Security Education, ethics, civic education, and law in educational institutions; directing parties, unions and teams at all levels to maintain healthy, age-appropriate cultural, physical training and sports activities, creating conditions for pupils and students to participate.

7. To step up the management of officials, teachers, students, and students to practice and cultivate morality and lifestyle; do not bully or treat students roughly; create trust and a healthy learning environment in the school. Selected among students, students who have high qualifications and capacity in information technology to participate in the program to fight crime on the Internet. Coordinating with functional agencies under the Ministry of Education and Training in strengthening security and order management, strictly handling training institutions, business establishments and individuals who violate the law, take advantage of entice students, students violate the law through the Internet.

8. The Ministry of Education and Training cooperates with the Ministry of National Defense (Cyber Warfare Command) and the Ministry of Public Security (Cybersecurity Department) in the requirements set forth by the two ministries together with the Ministry of Education and Training to ensure human resources, professional cooperation in specific conditions.

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