Unit 3 – Question 3

Nowadays, technological tools such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Zalo, Facebook Group… have made many benefits to the education system, with low cost, simplicity, accessibility, efficiency, and natural language. There are many apps currently have been used by both teachers and students at school and in their daily lives. To supports teaching students in secondary years about security in apps, I think the website, https://bestvpn.org/teachers-guide-to-online-privacy-safety-and-security/, is helpful for to teach students in secondary years about security in apps. This website gives teachers a guide to online safety and security and provides teachers with first-level defence strategies to: 1) Ensure a cyber-safe classroom and protect students’ private data; 2) Teach students the basics of online privacy and security; 3) Ensure technology in class is a benefit, not a distraction.

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