Task 3

When you conduct your daily online activities, you may be revealing personal information that others may use to invade your privacy. This information may include sensitive information such as your IP address, email address, current physical location, home or work address.  Make purchases in an online store. Online transactions such as signing up for a service or purchasing a product are linked to you by information like your shipping address or credit card number

Or when you Sign up for a contest. Registering for a contest you need to provide information about your name, age, address, gender, interests…Take part in a survey. A survey also requires you to provide information about gender, address, occupation or even phone number. When you take a survey, the information you fill out may reveal information about yourself

Or when you download a free software. Aplications that reveal personal information are very popular and appear rampant on both Google Play and Apple’s AppStore, …. They will take advantage of your lack of vigilance to collect your information. Even secure information such as passwords, credit cards, … can also be stolen and make the money in your account “fly away”.

When you is surfing the web example YouTube, Facebook, Zalo, Twetter and Instagram are the most popular social media.  Understanding the information we share, intentionally and inadvertently, and protecting the data is of critical importance.

Use apps on your computer or mobile device. The apps you use, the websites you visit reveal information about your current interests, interests and needs. Post photo or status on social media. Facebook posts reveal most of the user’s personality

Join the game online.With the growing popularity of online gaming, gamers and game platforms are targets for cyber criminals. As with social media and apps, accessing data for malicious purposes remains the focus of hackers. Not only is user data a target, but within the gaming world, there are also attempts to cause havoc via in-game ransom attempts involving game assets and virtual currencies

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